Prelude Oscars: Our 7 Top Events Of The Year

prelude oscars

Since we are big fans of the Oscars, Prelude Events thought it would be fun to create our own version of the awards. Welcome to the Prelude Oscars! And what we do best? Events! What’s even more fun? You can get a unique limited-edition Prelude Events t-shirt for just participating. Our team of super girls will announce the winner on an exciting video. Vote now for your favourite event here.

How to participate? You just have to vote your favourite of the following events and make sure you like our Facebook Page.

UPDATE: The poll is now closed. Thank you everyone for your participation! Play here the video where we announced the winner.

Here are our seven nominees for Best Prelude Event of last year:

1. INTA Brand Events

EVENT: 3 Brand Events during INTA 2017, the annual international meeting of the trademark community. At the biggest event, more than 400 guests enjoyed a night full of music and color in one of the trendiest venues of Barcelona.

WHERE: Barcelona

THEME: The best Barcelona vibe

HIGHLIGHTS: We were told that it was our client’s best INTA party in many years

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2. VIP Customer Dinner [WINNER]

EVENT: A cocktail event for the Cisco VIP customer dinner, for which we created our own version of a traditional villa, fully redecorating the venue according to a golden historical time.

WHERE: Barcelona

THEME: The XIX century era prominent in Spanish culture, its most romantic period, due to its refined style and rich, warm colors.

HIGHLIGHTS: Prelude already organized this event before and will repeat next year. Don’t miss the videos!

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3. Product Launch

EVENT: A unique environment to launch two new products for Roche Diabetes Care and make them known among doctors, nurses and patients from all over Spain.

WHERE: Barcelona

THEME: Roche Laboratories and its aim of innovation for patient well-being since its inception

HIGHLIGHTS: An event with WOW factor that got everybody talking for weeks in the pharmaceutical industry.

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4. Happy Hour Event

AI – Intel Nervana ~ private event with #preludeevents

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EVENT: A happy hour event for Nervana, where the scientists from the AI conference, could engage in a fun experience.

WHERE: Toulon, France

THEME: “Tradition meets Contemporary” ambiance in a local Opera house (historical landmark).

HIGHLIGHTS: We were told that the Nervana™ event was the best event at the AI Conference in Toulon

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5. Anniversary Party

EVENT: A 10th-year-anniversary party of K-LAGAN to celebrate and embody a sense of unity, bringing together the consultants away from the offices, supervisors and central departments.

WHERE: Barcelona

THEME: A step away from the Mediterranean sea, at a small beach bar combining a spectacular Flyboard Show, good food, beautiful views, and an atmosphere full of laughter and enjoyment.

HIGHLIGHTS: An environment to know each other, unify the team and feel proud of being part of this amazing company. Check out the video!

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6. Top Customers Cocktail

EVENT: A fun cocktail for our client’s top customers, where the attendees could interact with one another and their lead representatives.

WHERE: Amsterdam

THEME: Electro Swing Party with a retro/vintage cocktail style as the differentiating element

HIGHLIGHTS: A night full of surprises and fun that no one wanted it to end!

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7. International Affiliates Meeting

EVENT: A 4-day seminar for the top country executives of our Pharma industry client for an IAM Winter edition yearly event to connect the managing directors of each country.

WHERE: Cape Town, South Africa

THEME: Safari, a unique activity that they had never done before, on a privatized club lounge for the farewell party

HIGHLIGHTS: Seamless operation from arrival to departure and successful interaction among the participants

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Did you have fun deciding which one deserves the best event oscar?