Adelaide Agag


Event planner  

Adélaïde Agag grew up in the French region of Lille. An intrepid globetrotter looking for any opportunity to travel and immerse herself in local culture be it for business or pleasure. She often uses the motto “Life is a journey. Travel it well”.

Having graduated from a degree in Business Management Adelaide decided to expand her business knowledge with a Masters in Trilingual International Business and Communications.

With ample work experience in communications for various industry sectors, Adelaide introduced herself into the world of events at Prelude Events. After successfully completing an internship where she continuously showed creative flair, visual dexterity and determination Prelude soon promoted her to Event Planner.

Adelaide’ passion for event management, strong work ethic, and joy in creating efficiencies, make her a valuable asset to the Prelude team.

What you didn’t know about Adelaide: Her name actually has two French vowels in it, which we avoid altogether, “Adélaïde” and we just call her Adele! She is a Yoga fanatic and extremely good at it!

Languages: French, English and Spanish