delphine arseguel


Senior Event Planner

Delphine Arseguel grew up in Toulouse, France, and has a nice southern accent to prove it! She speaks a few languages, holds a business management degree, and comes from a strong background in the event planning business. She takes joy in creating and implementing meetings and events throughout Europe, as well as performing arts production and congress logistics. Delphine has over 10 years’ experience in the MICE industry.

Drawn to the sunshine and spirit of Barcelona at 20 years old, Delphine quickly relocated after graduating from school to start her career. After few months of settling in Barcelona, she discovered that her family surname (not really common in France) is actually a village situated in the Catalan Pyrenees and understood why maybe she gets this strange attraction for the city and region. When not planning events, she is busy gardening, creating pottery, enjoying festivals and culinary experiences with friends.

What you didn’t know about Delphine: Her passion for music and performing arts inspires her to be a regular volunteer at the Independent Film Festival in Barcelona.

Languages: French, Spanish and English