ester ciurana


SEO Manager

Ester Ciurana grew up in a village south of Catalonia. She graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Philosophy. After that, obtained a Digital Marketing certificate and a Master Practitioner level of NLP.

She then moved to Vancouver, where she studied Business Dynamics & International Marketing. While in Canada, she was accepted into a program at the University of Chicago to hone her marketing skills. After participating in an apprenticeship where she coordinated affiliates and dealt with top bloggers in the marketing space, Prelude Events took notice and requested her SEO skills.

Ester’s greatest strength is in her ability to listen and empathize while implementing her logic and analytical skills to help her clients reach their objectives. This along with a never give up attitude makes her a great asset to the Prelude team.

What you didn’t know about Ester: Ester’s family owns a motorbike shop. She started riding motorbikes at the age of 5!

Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English