10th Anniversary: Thank you!

10 years ago today, Paris Prelude and Barcelona Prelude merged and became Prelude Events; a company of International women aged between 22 and 45 who wanted to make things different. We strived to provide the best services of a DMC, a Communications Company and an Event Design company under one umbrella, offering our clients the best of all services creating a harmonious and successful hybrid. The level of success has been humbling as we always prioritized doing the right thing and doing it extraordinarily well, rather than getting bigger.

It has rained a lot since that day, but if something has not changed, it is our way to see events, our core values and dedication. That passion is stronger than ever. It hasn’t been an easy journey until present, but we like to think that we have stayed true to our principles with honesty, transparency, integrity and respect for the environments of which we have the privilege of working.

Today we want to take the time to thank all the amazing people we crossed paths for continually challenging us and keeping us going in the right direction.

We cannot miss in this article our special gratitude to our valued and loyal customers. A big thank you for choosing Prelude, for your trust and for making our working relationship a personal one. Thank you to our trusted suppliers for your flexibility in synchronizing our visions with your many talents. Last, but not least our planners and production teams for always keeping our standards high and being part of the Prelude team. We couldn’t do it without you. Any of you!

We are happy and proud that we decided to start this journey. We celebrate our 10th anniversary under a challenging context. We all feel hopeful about the future. Hopeful that people will have a new-found appreciation for each other’s well-being. We are hopeful that the economy will grow and companies will focus on the people and resources that make them thrive. We are in this together.