Expect the unexpected

As event organizers, we understand that contingency planning is a crucial part of the event management process, however, occasionally there are situations that are simply out of our control. So, how do we deal with these unexpected situations?

Let’s shine a light on the Cisco MWC 2014 VIP reception. There we stood, 3 weeks out from the event with all the event planning details locked in, or so we thought, when the venue informed us that they had installed scaffolding on the main façade. In total disbelief, we immediately took the bull by its horns and organized an emergency meeting to look for the best solution ASAP. We then transparently informed our client about the situation at hand and our proposed solution.

We believe that clear, open communication between all parties is vital as it not only minimizes the element of risk but importantly gives the client the confidence and reassurance that, as event specialists, we will oversee the situation in a professional and proactive manner.

After a couple of hours of coffee fueled brainstorming the solution was crystal clear, our only option was to change the event theme completely from what was initially a classical concept into something totally avant-garde that could creatively integrate the monstrous scaffolding into part of the set design.

The result was a dreamy idea of the future, a blend of old-fashioned retro styles with futuristic technology, visual effects and melancholic aesthetics. A science fiction retro world brought to life thanks to the enormous creative talent of our team and partners. Authentic street food simulating the boulevards of Blade Runner, interactive entertainment and live stage shows, a cinematographic outstanding décor integrating the scaffolding, digital projections and much more.

The solution to this unexpected situation was achieved through teamwork and cooperation. We work tirelessly on building close-knit relationships with our clients and industry partners, because ultimately everyone is equally important in achieving a successful event.

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