Prague: An Insider’s Look

The capital of the Czech Republic possesses a unique aura that is the object of inspiration for multiple bohemian artists and visitors. This travel capsule is special because the perspective will be more intimate.

Last time Prelude Events organized an event in Prague, our team and participants revered this trip as the perfect win – win program. We had the privilege to experience this destination not only as professionals partaking in a corporate event, but with an extraordinary advantage of having a team member native to the Czech Republic. Helena Spimrova, a trusted Prelude partner, was brought on board to oversee logistics. Through her local eyes, we were all able to connect to the rich culture and history of the city which made a tremendous difference in creating and building experiences for our client participants after long meetings in conference rooms. The authentic adventures remain happy memories long after everyone returned to their home cities around the world. That is why we are happy to share some of Helena’s best tips with everyone. It won’t be the same without her being in person to enjoy first hand her passionate way of telling all the stories and anecdotes, but it’s better than a kick in the teeth.

Here it is:

My name is Helena Spimrova and I am delighted to take you to Prague, to the heart of Europe. It is an emotional city full of history and stories wherever you look and go. Let’s get into the Czech mood listening to Bedrich Smetana My Homeland and the symphonic poem of “Vltava” known as The Moldau.

We will walk along the river Vltava and make a few stops on the way. The National Theatre and its rich artistic tradition speaks itself about the Czech identity. It is a great opportunity to feel the glamour of the past, enjoy the opera, ballet or any other performance, have your glass of champagne during the break and the traditional Czech oblozeny chlebicek.

Kavarna Slavie just opposite the theatre used to be and still is a place where Bohemian artists meet. My favourite place is the window seat with the view of Vltava and the Prague castle. You can have a sweet option, generous Czech cake and Vienna coffee or grog in the winter time, otherwise beer is always an option. Vaclav Havel also liked this place. Havel, imprisoned many times during Communist regime, became the president after the Velvet Revolution. And his words: “Truth and love will prevail over lies and hatred” are still very much real. Stop round the corner by the small victory monument reminding 17.11.1989.

Back to the river side, you will see a beautiful Zofin Palace. Lovely place for events. The magnetic Castle view from Smetana bank river changes the perspective once you get closer. Any time of the year, any time of the day and night the walk over the Charles bridge is memorable. About a week ago Czechs encouraged the nation for a popular event never done before. The imperial table from end to end of the bridge could host up to 2000 people. You book your place, bring your home food and just get together with all the distance and measures as it is to be nowadays. Unique atmosphere!!!

We are on the Castle side of the river. Jan Neruda wrote Malostranske povidky, the stories of the Lesser Town of Prague. These will make you step in the neighborhood of the past. The present time can take you to Cukr káva limonáda Cafe – one of these great Czech cukrárnas, sweet world of sachr dort, rakvicky, marokánky…. Czechs like to eat. You can have a typical lunch in Lokál restaurant, such as the national dish knedlo zelo vepro, svícková or gulash and Staropramen beer. Delicious dinner at U modré kachnicky in the piano room. Go for a duck. Or the romantic dinner at Kampa Park overlooking the Charles bridge. Drinks at Bluelight Prague or U Malého Glena jazz blues club.

Prague is a golden city of hundred spires, great to admire from Petrin hill or the Castle. Get lost in the New World street of the Castle or look for the house where Kafka lived in the Golden lane. Kafka takes you down to the river, to the Jewish quarter of Josefov.

And this can go on and on. Prague never ends…… Once you get to Prague, you need to come back.