To draw attention and create traffic to the client’s exhibit booth at Mobile World Congress. The trade show booth alone is already quite a big investment. Our client wanted to make sure they made the most of it by taking advantage of millions of people in their space and industry, flying in from all over the world to be in one city. They were already spending a lot on their ad campaigns and were looking for our booth services to make the show as effective as possible.


Prelude Events studied the client’s product and demographics and developed a strategy to attract traffic to their booth. This is where we bring the most value. We did it organically and locally. Having local planners in every destination that we serve is a subtle advantage. With booths on the ground, not everything is at it seems on the internet. Our team is comprised of several nationalities, with degrees in communications, event management and design and so we went to work to find solutions.

We created happy hours in the booth, listed the attendees we wanted to invite and gave them a high level treatment to motivate them to come to the booth, all the while they were looking at product demos. Prelude organized contests and massages as well as a street marketing campaign with mascots at strategic points throughout the city to attract people at the congress to visit the booth and come they did… in record numbers. We worked around 3 synchronized campaigns by engaging attendees at key, strategic points. At the airport, train stations at badge pick up points, and within the booth.


  • A very effective approach in a really personal way and at half the price of mainstream PR companies
  • With local news picking up our mascots interacting with and reaching people in a joyful and emotional vein, unexpected positive brand exposure was a bonus
  • The client received a record number of quality attendees at their booth with new contracts exceeding ROI expectations