Create a relaxed happy hour event for Nervana, where the scientists from the AI conference in Toulon, France, can engage in a fun, relevant experience.


Prelude Events privatized a local Opera house (historical landmark) and created a “Tradition meets Contemporary” ambiance. Guests enjoyed interactive wine tastings, combing the organic algorithms of all the senses, resulting in the perfect choice for each participant. Molecular mixologists were introduced using reverse spherification. Delicious canapes of all varieties were served, and a delightful Piano quartet with DJ, Jazz singer and saxophonist combined the elegant sounds with techno throughout.

Prelude created an entirely original event decorating the venue and providing all variables with meticulous detail from décor, orchestrated entertainment, catering and production.


  • We were told, on numerous occasions, that the Nervana™ event was the best event at the AI Conference in Toulon, France
  • Exceeded attendance expectations
  • High level of participant interaction
  • An event that exceeded client expectations expressed onsite and post event