To organize an authentic and intimate welcome dinner for well-traveled cruise guests to familiarize themselves with one another. The guests were set to embark Barcelona’ port for a two month luxury cruise in the Mediterranean Sea together. To rise to the challenge of top clientele accustomed to premium standards of the cruise, by providing meticulous attention to every detail. Creating the right ambiance for guests to feel comfortable and in good spirits to anticipate the wonderful journey to follow in the coming weeks.


Prelude Events arranged overnight in a Barcelona 5-star luxury hotel. We created a space on property to simplify logistics and make it comfortable and convenient for the guests. An evening sunset cocktail and gala welcome dinner with live jazz music by famously talented and adored locals. All arranged poolside with gourmet Spanish tapas to complete this authentic local touch.

Since our client wanted the guests to feel like home before embarking, we gave personalized attention to each one and designed an event that favored networking and building relationships with one another.


  • Client objectives met and very happy with the pre-cruise event
  • Guests felt relaxed, joyful and welcome looking forward to their journey ahead
  • Excellent interaction between guests (guests made new friends)
  • A lovely evening commented by all