To organize a 4-day seminar for the top executives of our Pharma industry client in a new destination. International Affiliates Meeting (IAM) Winter edition is a yearly event with the goal of connecting the managing directors of each country to share strategies and best practices with one another. Last year’s event was in Thailand and they wanted something different for this edition. Along with a new activity for the leisure day. All the participants, a small group of VIP country executives, were well traveled and expected a high level of attention to detail.


Prelude Events proposed 3 options for the destination and the client picked Cape Town, South Africa to host the meetings and training sessions. We found an appropriate hotel with meeting rooms that was close to the city center and offered beautiful views of the city and its surrounding wildlife. Prelude took care of all the global event logistics, including food & beverage, conference facilities, venues, client services, amenities, and transport.

For the leisure activity, we organized a safari. Something unique that they had never done before. Prelude planned two offsite dinners as well, where we seized to explore some of the best Cape Town corners and a farewell party on the last night, in line with our safari theme. For this, we privatized a club lounge and decorated by following the theme, with accessories for the attendants, who were dressed for the occasion.


  • Positive, productive tone created successful interaction among the participants
  • Seamless operation from arrival to departure
  • Top-ranking customer satisfaction