To organize the closing event of a 3-day annual tech conference for 2000 attendees in Barcelona. Our client, a software company, wanted to create a party with diversity. It absolutely had to be fun, stand out, and enjoy a privileged location with the best of what the city of Barcelona had to offer.


Prelude Events privatized three of the most famous Barcelona seaside clubs exclusively. Our team took care to personalize each venue according to a different theme for all participants to come and go from each location at their leisure. The diverse themes varied from Flamenco with Spanish-Asian fusion, Mediterranean vibes with Ibiza style, and finally “Back to the future”, with an electro futuristic energy. Each theme enjoyed different carefully chosen menus, music shows, décor, and photo calls. Between the venues, we distributed fluorescent glasses and sticks to create unanimity throughout the three themes. The coolest part was that everybody was able to experience them all.

We controlled the access and exit of every club with a scanner and a bracelet system to manage the maximum capacities. There were attendees from all over the world and of all ages. The venues were all located in first line of the sea, offering scenic views of the best of Barcelona. Our Prelude team, managed all logistics with meticulous detail. This enabled attendees to jump between venues seamlessly as well as get back to their hotels when they were ready to.


  • The client was extremely satisfied with the creative and diverse solutions and smooth operation provided by the Prelude team
  • The attendee feedback was excellent. A top score of maximum 5 stars for location, gastronomy, entertainment and service
  • The gastronomic diversity with various dishes presented in harmony with each theme was an experience well received
  • All logistics for the 2000 attendees were managed flawlessly
  • With a renewed contract for next year, the Prelude Team has started brainstorming for their next event. Stay tuned….