To reward employees for great results exceeding quotas with a team building activity. Our client wanted the event to include team work and creativity, enabling a fusion of the two to be enjoyed together. They needed an executive meeting for 15 followed by an activity for the entire marketing and media local team of 70.


We organized a cooking team building event in a fabulous venue. The venue had two large lounges, all privatized for their MasterChef like activity. Attendees were divided in groups with their own lead chef. Among them, fun actors infiltrated each group dressed as chefs. This helped expedite safety protocols and activity guidelines in a fun and dynamic way.

After introductions; off they went to the market, running on a timer with their baskets to obtain the ingredients in a zone of fresh products. They needed to get enough for what they wanted to cook for each member of the group and the judges. While they were cooking, actors would steal food from one group and give it to the other which encouraged creativity and a lot of laughs! All groups finished on time, with some pressure in the last 5 minutes. They then delivered their plates to the jury table. The judges, including the infiltrated chefs, had a fun tasting, and eventually chose the winners, whom received a diploma and a bottle of wine each.

Finally, all groups tasted what the others cooked, from appetizers and starters to tapas. In addition, the official chefs, provided a delicious risotto as the main as well as a delectable dessert. We ended the evening with a local favorite DJ and disco for this enthusiastic energetic group.


  • All attendees offered extremely positive feedback with survey results exceeding expectations
  • Naturally high scores for the food!
  • They loved the activity so much, we went into overtime which Prelude negotiated with the venue for minimum charge
  • We have been invited to create their next meeting, which is the best sign of success