To be the mediators in the organization of a gala dinner for world cruise passengers at Goree Island. Communicating the client desires to local producers in a culturally and logistically challenging sector at West Africa. The attendees were VIP clientele in a round the world cruise trip with an event in each continent. As being a challenging destination, the final client wanted to make sure it was a success. They needed a partner in charge of supervising and following up with all the Dakar event production variables on their behalf. Our client had the highest expectations and wanted a WOW effect with entertainment in an historical building, an ancient fort.


Prelude Events managed every detail of the event in a place where they are not used to work within short answer deadlines. Our French event planner’ creative production and management skills manifested effective communication. We coordinated supplier production and deadlines, quality controlled all variables and guaranteed production was of the level and standard defined and anticipated. The Prelude team also ensured that cultural differences were never an issue to enable a successful gala dinner.

A team of 200 people was required to make this dream night happen. Most suppliers never organized such an event with this much logistic challenge before. Delivering all the equipment from Dakar to the island, without barely even having power supply. The biggest challenge was to build an event in an island where there weren’t any facilities, not even a kitchen. However, because it was the first time they did something like this it became a human adventure. The team spirit raised above the challenge and we all shared deeply being part of making it possible.

In an emblematical island with a strong history but no structures to sustain an event of these characteristics, we built from scratch everything necessary to host an amazing gala night. Goree provided an emplacement that contrasted with the bustling port of Dakar and offered a unique insight into Africa’s colonial past. Its ancient and elegant buildings with trailing colorful bougainvillea’s, enveloped by an almost eerie calm, bear witness to the island’s role in the Atlantic slave trade.

The once most powerful women of the island welcomed passengers. They learned more about Goree fort’s history while enjoying a cocktail reception as the sun settled. All that before sitting down to a delicious dinner entertained by storytellers and kora music players as well as an Afro folk diva. Prelude made sure that all variables worked in harmony to produce a seamless event.


  • Passengers were delighted upon arrival, feeling immediately the serenity of the island as every beautiful detail unfolded before them
  • Guests had the chance to learn more about the local culture, their music, food and history
  • The night reached its peak with the fireworks that were enjoyed by the locals who had not seen them in 20 years
  • Everyone felt part of the adventure of making this event happen, from the catering to the artists to the guests, reaching the greatest level of satisfaction from all parts involved
  • Final Client received spontaneous and positive feedback from its guests about the evening and entrusted Prelude to organize the Dakar event again in 2020