alicia aznar


Office Manager

German born to Spanish parents, Alicia Aznar grew up in a very international environment taking the best characteristics from each nationality: the rigor of German people and the flexibility of the Spanish.

For more than 20 years, Alicia worked in a multinational company, holding various positions of top management assistant. By the time she left, she was not only marketing director assistant but also giving support to a team of 40. Outgoing, lively and passionate about vibrant city life, Alicia decided to give her professional life a change by joining the events industry.

Day after day, Alicia, like a mother, foresees our needs in and out of the office. Her proactive attitude and her contagious laugh make our lives so much easier than they ever were before!

What you didn’t know about Alicia: The Spanish woman in her loves flowers and she once owned a flower shop. The German woman once was personal assistant of famous wrestler The Warrior.

Languages: Spanish, German, English and Catalan