Vice President & General Manager

Anne-Laure Sauvage was born from a French father and Mauritian mother. The culture mix made her an early globetrotter and she was only 14 when she left her family to spend a year in the USA as an exchange student. At 30, she made one of her dreams come true and took a year off to travel around the world.

Formerly in marketing and brand management, Anne-Laure’s experience offers our clients additional advantages in reaching their objectives while implementing marketing campaigns, events and product launches in Spain.

With extraordinary organizational skills, Anne Laure manages our event schedules and keeps our general operations running smoothly, enabling our team to perform at optimum productivity throughout the year.

What you didn’t know about Anne-Laure: her childhood passion was ballet dancing, and as an adolescent she danced musicals. She also loves singing, and surprised many when she performed solo at her own wedding!

Languages: French, English and Spanish