mari carmen lopez


Corporate Accountant

Mari Carmen López was born in the bosom of a large family in Barcelona. Since her childhood, she was restless, a small whirlwind that already loved the beach and mathematics, in that order of importance.

It was not until she became independent that she decided to pursue her dream of continuing her studies and managed to graduate in Business Sciences. That gave her the opportunity to work as an accountant in a high tech multinational company for 18 years. During that time, she developed a wide variety of finance tasks in a very demanding environment, broadening and consolidating all the knowledge acquired.

In that search for new horizons and opportunities she met the Prelude team. The Prelude family gives Mari Carmen the possibility to explore and enjoy the point of madness that she is missing. In exchange, she brings her experience, perseverance, work ethic, dynamism, responsibility and commitment to the company. Attitudes that make her a perfect match.

What you didn’t know about Mari Carmen: She loves sewing clothing and making crafts. In her free time is easy to see her with pins and scissors in hands, sewing or customizing clothes. Even once, she made a dress overnight to wear-up next day for Halloween.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan and English