Analisa Millan


Vice President Event Production & Operations

Analisa Millan grew up in the UK from Spanish parents. It was upon graduating from her degree in European Business that Analisa stepped foot in the vibrant city of Barcelona and immediately knew it was the perfect place to establish herself.

Brought up in the catering industry, Analisa knows how to bring people together to enjoy unique experiences, always leaving a sweet taste behind. Formerly in sales and marketing, she quickly identifies clients event objectives in order to fully meet all requirements. Managing high profile accounts with meticulous detail and creativity, Analisa always strives for complete customer satisfaction on every event she manages be it small or large.

Analisa’s calm and intelligent nature keeps up the moral even in the most stressful and fast paced environments.

What you didn’t know about Analisa: her dog’s name is not really Max but Wimax… but she insists she’s not a geek!

Languages: English and Spanish