Nuria Lluch


Vice President Event Design & Production

Núria Lluch fell in the events cooking pot when she was only a few months old. Part of a large family, all of whom are passionate about movies and musicals, Núria turned her young eye on the small details and production value of set locations, lighting, decor, and their importance in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. This became a passion all her own.

Núria combines 15 years event management experience with a degree in Tourism and Business Management and a Diploma in Social Cultural Animation. Thirsty for diversity and new challenges, Núria has worked on various corporate, private and cultural projects in Spain, Italy, Holland and the USA. Now settled in Barcelona, Núria thrives on offering the best experiences her home land has to offer, constantly researching the up and coming trends and sensations so that our clients can fully enjoy Catalonia.

Núria’s creativity combined with her empathy with our clients make her an essential piece of the Prelude puzzle.

What you didn’t know about Núria: She is a film-shooting-location-search-enthusiast. She will rarely consider a place for holiday if it doesn’t offer a film shooting location.

Languages: Spanish, English, Italian and Catalan